A shot from this afternoon after leaving work.  I’ve seen this dog countless times, but never still and quiet like this.  Usually it charges the gate barking and howling.  I can only assume the recent carnage scattered around is the reason behind the indifference shown me and my camera.  


At long last the weather has taken an undeniably bright turn for the better. The sun has been relentless recently and clouds have been a distant memory for the past week. Days like today tend to make Heather and I almost wish we weren’t leaving.

Oh, that’s right! I’m not sure I’ve told you yet. Shortly after the winter holidays I decided it was time I finish my undergraduate once and for all. So, starting in the fall, Heather and I will once again be living in Oberlin Ohio, and i’ll be so busy practicing and studying I may not see the light of day till all is over next summer…

Only joking. I think i’m going to need frequent outings to help keep me sane. So, rest assured that photos will continue, although my subject matter is likely to change. Oberlin is a very, very small town.

Anyways, the above photo is a shot from a couple of hours ago. Taken with my phone and edited with Snapseed. This was just near by the Tram station where I work in the evenings. Gives you an idea to how beautiful it’s been lately.

Hope you all enjoy.


A daily activity of mine is to read about cameras and photography techniques.  One reoccurring topic is how to achieve decent bokeh (out of focus blur).  Many people maintain that a large camera sensor paired with a fast lens is almost obligatory.  While it’s true, that combination of equipment will result in magnificent bokeh I don’t believe its always necessary.  Sometimes, when working with limited resources one must be willing to approach a scene from a different angle.

The above photo for instance:

aperture:       f/5.6

focal length:  30mm (81mm full frame equivalent)

That is by no means a fast aperture setting, and no, the bokeh present is not the sort of creamy goodness you would find with a full frame sensor (my nikon v1 has a very tiny sensor!) but it’s still effective and, in my opinion, beautiful.

I think I’ll put this one up on the photo store.  I’ll let you all know when it’s available!


Yesterday Heather and I went for a walk through the American WWI memorial just outside of Paris.  Words tend to abandon me for these types of experiences.  Let it suffice to say that the memorial was beautiful, and moving.