Here’s a shot from the other day in Paris, behind Notre Dame.  The street musician on the right was one of the best I think I’ve ever heard.  Even so, hardly a soul was bothering to stop and listen on this beautiful day.  The Blue Collar with the headphones and his head down trying to block out his surroundings was no exception.  

This sort of scene has become all too familiar in Paris.  It’s unfortunate, really.  After 15 minutes I dropped in what change I had and thanked the man.  A tired, gentle smile and an eyes closed, nod of the head was given in return.  Never a break in the music.  A beautiful day.


One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other…

No deeper description is needed, I think.  It was in the high 70’s today in Paris. 


Proceed at your own risk!

(I’m kidding, but these don’t follow my usual photographic style.  Be warned…)

Can you spot the odd one out?

How about now?

Need a better look?

I mean, can’t really blame the guy.  For Paris, today was hot.  But who knows, maybe he was German?


Last night was the first time I really tried my hand at slower shutter night time shots.  All hand held as I hadn’t thought ahead, but I had some surprising results.  The Nikon V1 does a very good job at hand held longish exposures.  And I can’t say I dislike the high iso noise either.  Compared to my canon 20D, which capped at 1600, the V1 stops at 3200.  The Canon also had the unfortunate habit of developing bands at high iso’s.  

Anyways, this shot was hand held at 1/6 shutter speed, iso 3200, f 5.6.  Cropped from larger version.  This shot, with those parameters, would not have been possible with the Canon. 

Hope you enjoy!


With the weather warming up it’s becoming easier to enjoy the evenings out doors.  And, since I am still in Europe for the time being, public consumption of alcohol is a non-issue. 

This evening’s menu?  A Trappist Triple and Versailles’ Hotel de Ville in the background. 

For you photography enthusiasts reading this, the photo was shot with the Nikon 1 V1, iso 2500.  The sky was actually darker than the shot shows.  An amazing little camera, the V1.

Happy Monday all!