Yesterday I discovered our 5 gallon saltwater tank had a hitch hiker that came with the live rock. It is a lime green mantis shrimp of the smasher variety.

This was taken with my iPhone 5c and the ōlloclip 3 in 1 macro lens.

I introduce to you Chum Bum. I’m open to other name suggestions…

At long last the weather has taken an undeniably bright turn for the better. The sun has been relentless recently and clouds have been a distant memory for the past week. Days like today tend to make Heather and I almost wish we weren’t leaving.

Oh, that’s right! I’m not sure I’ve told you yet. Shortly after the winter holidays I decided it was time I finish my undergraduate once and for all. So, starting in the fall, Heather and I will once again be living in Oberlin Ohio, and i’ll be so busy practicing and studying I may not see the light of day till all is over next summer…

Only joking. I think i’m going to need frequent outings to help keep me sane. So, rest assured that photos will continue, although my subject matter is likely to change. Oberlin is a very, very small town.

Anyways, the above photo is a shot from a couple of hours ago. Taken with my phone and edited with Snapseed. This was just near by the Tram station where I work in the evenings. Gives you an idea to how beautiful it’s been lately.

Hope you all enjoy.


While waiting for this evenings train back to Versailles I noticed a vantage point not yet explored.

France is so much nicer with warm and pleasant weather.

Shot with my phone and processed with Snapseed.