Some of you have seen this, I know, but for those of you who haven’t I thought I’d share a panorama I took this past summer while Heather and I camped with some of my very best friends, Sarah Caleb and Mag Çirpili to name a couple.  The beautiful property belongs to Sarah.  Lucky stiff.

Morning view of Nordmont Pennsylvania.

Here’s a fun one from last night on my way to meet Heather.  There was one hell of a storm moving through and the clouds over Versailles were amazing.  

This is a composite of five individual photos stitched together.  From a distance it looks ok, but once you get farther down to pixel level you can notice inconsistencies in focus and alignment.  Oh well, considering it was shot hand held I can’t complain too much.  

Hope you enjoy!


Here’s a first for me.  The above photo is a composite of six (6) individual handheld shots overlooking Paris.  I processed it as black and white so that you could see the bands/borders between the photos (haven’t yet learned how to avoid that, along with other issues, more on that another time).  If I had been able to upload the full sized image it would be 180MB large, 18,598 x 2435 pixels, and be printable at over 10 feet on the long side.  

I think I’ve discovered something to use my tripod for!!!  


Here’s another take on the same scene. Only this time taken with and edited on my phone. Not sure how this will look on a full sized computer screen. Let me know what you think in the comments!