Here are some shots from the last few weeks. I’ve been trying to upload for a few days now but have been getting error messages in return…

Anyways, apple picking in Columbus, pond gazing in Oberlin, and line hunting around campus.

A shot from this afternoon after leaving work.  I’ve seen this dog countless times, but never still and quiet like this.  Usually it charges the gate barking and howling.  I can only assume the recent carnage scattered around is the reason behind the indifference shown me and my camera.  


Here’s a fun one from last night on my way to meet Heather.  There was one hell of a storm moving through and the clouds over Versailles were amazing.  

This is a composite of five individual photos stitched together.  From a distance it looks ok, but once you get farther down to pixel level you can notice inconsistencies in focus and alignment.  Oh well, considering it was shot hand held I can’t complain too much.  

Hope you enjoy!