A shot from this afternoon after leaving work.  I’ve seen this dog countless times, but never still and quiet like this.  Usually it charges the gate barking and howling.  I can only assume the recent carnage scattered around is the reason behind the indifference shown me and my camera.  


Here’s a fun one from last night on my way to meet Heather.  There was one hell of a storm moving through and the clouds over Versailles were amazing.  

This is a composite of five individual photos stitched together.  From a distance it looks ok, but once you get farther down to pixel level you can notice inconsistencies in focus and alignment.  Oh well, considering it was shot hand held I can’t complain too much.  

Hope you enjoy!


As a nice change of pace from my usual routine I’ve been touting my Canon 20D and the always exciting Plastic Fantastic 50mm f1.8 II.  Not to mention the beautiful old Manfrotto tripod that my dear friend Hal Gober sent me as a gift some months ago.  My Nikon V1 has been with me as well but not the main focus.  

It’s interesting, the difference between camera capabilities.  I have gotten so use to the IQ of the Nikon, and the versatility the raw files show during post processing.  The Canon raw files, on the other hand, are significantly less cooperative.  

That’s not to say decent results can’t still be achieved, just that the effort required to get there is noticeably greater.  

So, I’ve included some of my favorites from the last couple of days.  

Also, I don’t think I’ve announced it here, but Heather and I are getting Married!  So I have included a couple of shot of the two of us.  

Hope you all enjoy!