This morning on my way to class.  Metro line 3 from Saint Lazare.  The iPhone 4 may not be the top of line but it works great and the camera is a step up from the iPod.  (Thanks Dad!)

Shot, edited on the phone with Snapseed.  


Every once in a while I dive into my thousands of archived photos and skim through old shots.  Quite often I come across something I missed before, and decide to give it a go.  This shot I took about a year ago now, though I can’t remember if I ever posted it. 


Métro, boulot, dodo.  A French saying.  “Metro, work, sleep”.

It’s all too easy to spend your days amongst the endless tunnels of the Paris Metro.  After a time you start to feel a part of you fade away.  Man cannot live without the sun and fresh air.