Here’s a first for me.  The above photo is a composite of six (6) individual handheld shots overlooking Paris.  I processed it as black and white so that you could see the bands/borders between the photos (haven’t yet learned how to avoid that, along with other issues, more on that another time).  If I had been able to upload the full sized image it would be 180MB large, 18,598 x 2435 pixels, and be printable at over 10 feet on the long side.  

I think I’ve discovered something to use my tripod for!!!  


While waiting for this evenings train back to Versailles I noticed a vantage point not yet explored.

France is so much nicer with warm and pleasant weather.

Shot with my phone and processed with Snapseed.


Revolte Urbaine.

Tram stop belvédère, suresnes mont valerien.  Just outside of Paris.  On my way to baby sitting. La Défense in the back ground.  Nice juxtaposition in my opinion.