Homeward Bound?

And just like that we find our selves at the air port waiting to board our flight back to the land of pasteurized cheese, fake butter, and the FDA.

Nearly two years Heather and I have lived here in France and yet it feels like just last week we were acclimating our digestive systems to strange foods and cheap wine. As with most places one grows to love, today’s departure is bitter sweet. It will be some weeks before we start to feel back at home but it won’t be very difficult. One major gripe about France is how close knit friend circles are, which is very much a double edged sword. French friends are life long, and very close. But, getting to that point is often times a long and arduous process. So, when I say we are fortunate enough to have made several unforgettable and amazing friends here you’ll know just how special that is.

Here’s to you France, friends, and two years of amazing adventures.

See you on the other side.

A shot from this afternoon after leaving work.  I’ve seen this dog countless times, but never still and quiet like this.  Usually it charges the gate barking and howling.  I can only assume the recent carnage scattered around is the reason behind the indifference shown me and my camera.  


At long last the weather has taken an undeniably bright turn for the better. The sun has been relentless recently and clouds have been a distant memory for the past week. Days like today tend to make Heather and I almost wish we weren’t leaving.

Oh, that’s right! I’m not sure I’ve told you yet. Shortly after the winter holidays I decided it was time I finish my undergraduate once and for all. So, starting in the fall, Heather and I will once again be living in Oberlin Ohio, and i’ll be so busy practicing and studying I may not see the light of day till all is over next summer…

Only joking. I think i’m going to need frequent outings to help keep me sane. So, rest assured that photos will continue, although my subject matter is likely to change. Oberlin is a very, very small town.

Anyways, the above photo is a shot from a couple of hours ago. Taken with my phone and edited with Snapseed. This was just near by the Tram station where I work in the evenings. Gives you an idea to how beautiful it’s been lately.

Hope you all enjoy.


Here’s a fun one from last night on my way to meet Heather.  There was one hell of a storm moving through and the clouds over Versailles were amazing.  

This is a composite of five individual photos stitched together.  From a distance it looks ok, but once you get farther down to pixel level you can notice inconsistencies in focus and alignment.  Oh well, considering it was shot hand held I can’t complain too much.  

Hope you enjoy!