Fall is fast approaching here in Oberlin.  Leaves are finally turning and beginning to carpet the side walks and roads.  

A pleasant surprise however is that the local farmers market will not shut down for the winter as they usually do.  This year they will continue on in a local schools gymnasium.  Fresh local produce all year round!

Good Food

Kiwi, Clementine, avocado, covered in olive oil and salt/pepper, and a lime wedge squirted over top.  Washed down with a beer with last of lime wedge in it. 

Good lunch.


Food Experiments

Today’s Lunch:

-Purple rice with fig, Onion, black carrots, fresh basil and thyme.

-Sauteed red pepper and mushrooms in a mushroom soy sauce.

-Steamed broccoli.

All fresh ingredients except for the figs, which were dried.  No, we don’t have a garden like my sister in law Amelia does, but we do have our Versailles farmers market. 

All in all, not a bad meal.