Todays photo I decided to have fun with the colors.  

As an update, I decided to go back to OSX.  The hardware support with Linux was almost there, but the few little quirks that remained became too much of a drag.  So, back to Mountain Lion, Aperture 3, and “just works” functionality.  The complete fresh install seems to have worked better than before.  

On a plus side, I’m still using Corel AfterShot Pro, but only as an external editor for Aperture.  The Nostalgia Film Simulator plugin is outstanding as well as significantly cheeper than the likes of Alien Skin software (only $5!!).

So, I’ve managed to keep the best of both worlds.  Let’s see how long that lasts.  I only want to be able to continue shooting editing!


With the weather warming up it’s becoming easier to enjoy the evenings out doors.  And, since I am still in Europe for the time being, public consumption of alcohol is a non-issue. 

This evening’s menu?  A Trappist Triple and Versailles’ Hotel de Ville in the background. 

For you photography enthusiasts reading this, the photo was shot with the Nikon 1 V1, iso 2500.  The sky was actually darker than the shot shows.  An amazing little camera, the V1.

Happy Monday all!


A few shots from the last three days. 

I’ve been busy with kettle corn work and haven’t had time till this morning to look through what I’d shot.  Friday was sunny, Saturday cloudy and even flurried for 20 minutes in the morning, yesterday was half-n-half, and today should be perfectly clear and maybe even a little warm(?!)

Anyways, last day of popcorn for the week.  Maybe more next weekend.  All in all not too bad.