Here’s a fun one from last night on my way to meet Heather.  There was one hell of a storm moving through and the clouds over Versailles were amazing.  

This is a composite of five individual photos stitched together.  From a distance it looks ok, but once you get farther down to pixel level you can notice inconsistencies in focus and alignment.  Oh well, considering it was shot hand held I can’t complain too much.  

Hope you enjoy!


Sorry for the delay friends.  Work has this nasty habit of sucking time and energy away from hobbies.  


Behold Amboise!

This was a cool chateau for numerous reasons.  But, I think I’ll leave that particular avenue of information to Heather, as she’s the one who stuck through the whole guided tour.  That, and she’s far more fluent in French than I am.

One cool thing of note:  Da Vinci lived here for the last few years of his life!

And so I leave you to enjoy the photos and turn you over to Heather for the post guided tour.  


Next up for your consideration is Chateau Villandry.  While processing this batch I realized I had only one shot with the actual building in the background.  The main attraction here was definitely the gardens.  

This was the first chateau we biked to, a whopping 23 kilometers west of Tours.  Ok, so not too far, but it was a fun trip all the same.  


Chateau Chenonceau.  This was actually the last chateau we went to visit on our trip, and it was by far the most crowded.  Not entirely pleasant.  Truly unique, however, as it spans the entire width of the river!  Very cool.

Heather and I decided to take a train part way there and bike the last seven kilometers along the river banks.   The grounds and the scenery along the way were absolutely beautiful.