Next up for your consideration is Chateau Villandry.  While processing this batch I realized I had only one shot with the actual building in the background.  The main attraction here was definitely the gardens.  

This was the first chateau we biked to, a whopping 23 kilometers west of Tours.  Ok, so not too far, but it was a fun trip all the same.  


Chateau Chenonceau.  This was actually the last chateau we went to visit on our trip, and it was by far the most crowded.  Not entirely pleasant.  Truly unique, however, as it spans the entire width of the river!  Very cool.

Heather and I decided to take a train part way there and bike the last seven kilometers along the river banks.   The grounds and the scenery along the way were absolutely beautiful.  



The bike is in full working order.  I replaced the front brake cable, though it will likely need to be readjusted again in a day or two once the cable stretches a bit. 

I would be out riding right now, save for the fact that it just started pouring rain…

Oh well.  Maybe it will let up enough for me to bring the bike to work tonight.  Though it doesn’t look promising.



The bike has been ridden.  A joyous time was had.  But.  The nut and washer that clamps the front brake cable to the caliper rattled off on the ride home. 

So, its off to the hardware store to find replacements.  Then I can come back, install the new front brake cable and everything is ready! 

At some point, when I have more time and money I will dismantle the whole thing and give it all a good degreasing and cleaning.  But, until then, it’ll do just fine as is. 

Oh yeah, I also need a good bike lock and helmet.  So maybe 92% would be more appropriate…