Lamejun at work

I apologize if my spelling offends anyone!

We’re introducing a new lunch dish at work this coming week:  Lamb lamejun with fresh tomatoes, hot peppers, and herbs, on a whole wheat bread.

Stop by and have a bite some time soon.  I love introducing new food!


Friday Herbs and Flowers

The weather today was a mix of intense humidity and torrential down pour.  While it stayed a balmy mid 80’s outside, my kitchen at work easily reached low 90’s.  Such is life in most kitchens around the world.  However, despite the heat the flowers outside work seemed to love the sun.

Straw flowers.  The petals were stiff and as flakey as paper!

straw flower

Getting home there was still some light shining through my living room window and some of my herbs were looking lovely.

Off to bed now.  Friday is my Wednesday.  Work bright and early in the morning.

Creeping Rosemary.





self portrait

It has literally been years since I last posted to a blog.  I’m a huge fan of photography, and partial to street shooting.  The above is a self portrait while I was walking home from work the other day.

I feel pretty rusty though.  It’s tricky shooting with manual lenses on my Nikon V1, but the 50mm f1.8 FD lens makes for some fun characteristics.  Almost never “sharp” dead center, I think it lends itself well to B&W photos.  Not bad for first shot after a stupid long hiatus.


Fresh Start