At long last the weather has taken an undeniably bright turn for the better. The sun has been relentless recently and clouds have been a distant memory for the past week. Days like today tend to make Heather and I almost wish we weren’t leaving.

Oh, that’s right! I’m not sure I’ve told you yet. Shortly after the winter holidays I decided it was time I finish my undergraduate once and for all. So, starting in the fall, Heather and I will once again be living in Oberlin Ohio, and i’ll be so busy practicing and studying I may not see the light of day till all is over next summer…

Only joking. I think i’m going to need frequent outings to help keep me sane. So, rest assured that photos will continue, although my subject matter is likely to change. Oberlin is a very, very small town.

Anyways, the above photo is a shot from a couple of hours ago. Taken with my phone and edited with Snapseed. This was just near by the Tram station where I work in the evenings. Gives you an idea to how beautiful it’s been lately.

Hope you all enjoy.


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