A daily activity of mine is to read about cameras and photography techniques.  One reoccurring topic is how to achieve decent bokeh (out of focus blur).  Many people maintain that a large camera sensor paired with a fast lens is almost obligatory.  While it’s true, that combination of equipment will result in magnificent bokeh I don’t believe its always necessary.  Sometimes, when working with limited resources one must be willing to approach a scene from a different angle.

The above photo for instance:

aperture:       f/5.6

focal length:  30mm (81mm full frame equivalent)

That is by no means a fast aperture setting, and no, the bokeh present is not the sort of creamy goodness you would find with a full frame sensor (my nikon v1 has a very tiny sensor!) but it’s still effective and, in my opinion, beautiful.

I think I’ll put this one up on the photo store.  I’ll let you all know when it’s available!


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