A Photo Store?

I have been posting to this blog, and before it Baroqueandbroke.com (no longer up) for some time.  I have lost track of the number of photos that have made their way from my computer to the infinite depths of the Web, let alone the number of computer screens my creations have visited. 

(The number is more than 10, at the very least…)

So, I thought, for a change, I would see about selling off some copies of popular shots to any of you who ever wished you could own a full size file. 

Thanks to Etsy.com I now have BaroqueblokePhotos up and running!

You can also find a new link to the store at the top of the blog titled “Photo Store”.

There’s only four photos up for grabs as of this post, but I am getting more lined up. 

Also!!!  If there is a particular photo you wish to have the chance to purchase, leave a comment below with your request and I’ll do my best to make it happen! 

As always, comments, suggestions, feedback, etc, is always welcome. 

Yours truly,


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