Hello friends!

For the past week or so my computer has been in limbo, again.  OSX Mountain Lion has been slowly but surely falling apart at the seems and causing me no end of trouble.  I have tried fresh installs, normal installs, spent hours on forums and support pages, but to no avail. 

My satisfaction with Apple and OSX has steadily been declining ever since Lion (10.7).  I would have long ago moved moved away from the Apple desktop though had it not been for their support for photographic software.  Sure it may be a memory hog and seem bloated at times, but Aperture 3 still remains a great piece of software.  I had tried several times to wrap my head around open source alternatives such as Darktable (Adobe Lightroom alternative) but it was buggy at best and not very intuitive. 

But I was getting too fed up with OSX.  So, recently, I decided enough was enough.  I backed up all my photos, documents, and music, and wiped my hard drive and introduced a fresh install of Linux Mint 14 and the Cinnamon desktop.

I had tried Ubuntu before but the kernel support for my hardware wasn’t yet there.  As of now, with 3.5.x everything seems to work, and quite well (save for the card reader, but I never used it really).

One problem remained however, and that was what to do about my photos! 

Enter Corel Aftershot Pro for Linux.  Complete support for my camera, and wicked fast.  Cataloged my 15,000+ photo library in a mater of minutes. 

It’s not as refined as Aperture and it will take some getting used to, but so far no real complaints.  My workflow that I had, and that worked very well for Aperture, has been thrown out the window.  But, with more practice, I think I’ll get the hang of this. 

Photos: Steps of the Paris Opera House, Building near my French classes, and some kids seeing Vibram Fivefingers for the first time.


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