Some recent shots from around Paris with the Nikon 1 v1 and 10-30 lens.  For those of you who didn’t know I treated my self to the Nikon over the winter break and is fast becoming my favorite camera ever.  Sure, the depth of field is not that of a full frame camera, nor that of even an aps-c sized camera, like the canon I had been using all this past year.  But, it makes up for that in outstanding colors, wicked fast auto focus, smart sensor tech where as it gives focus priority to faces if I want it to, very fast shutter times, and a buffer rate of about 45 raw files while on motor drive.  Did I mention its near silent? A trait that makes it amazing for candid street shots.  

Another interesting quirk I’m still getting used to is its fondness of producing lens flare.  More experimentation with this is required before I get something I really like.  

Until then, enjoy!


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