I’ve recently been reminded that I have a blog and that neglecting it is not a good way to keep regular readers.  

So let me break your fast with a picture of a recent Versailles sun rise while walking on my way to some pop corn work.  This tree has been on my list of “must photograph” for some time but I never seem to have m camera when I walk past.  I hope you all enjoy.

In other news, Heather and I are in the home stretch for Christmas break!  14 days exactly until we skip over the big pond for some warm sun and family for three weeks.  For me this trip will be the first time I set foot in the US in just about a year and a half, my longest ever stint away from those shores, and it’s going to be very nice to be back again for a while.

Whats on the agenda you might ask?  Well, for me I foresee copious amounts of smoked meat and barbecue.  Heathers still a vegetarian, but shell get plenty of gushing descriptions from me, no doubt.  Heather gets to celebrate her birthday, and we’re still figuring out the plans for that.  And what else?  Beaches, fishing, sun, hammocks, home brew, family, and hammocks.  And home brew.  (Thanks Dad!)


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