Champagne in Reims

With work canceled for the day due to imminent rain and wind I thought I’d share some pictures from our champagne tasting tour in Reims. 

We decided on this particular cellar brewery tour out of the other 5 available as it was affordable.  (and, you know, they let us try three different champagnes…)

Heather’s getting frustrated with me taking photos every 30 seconds. 

Above is the building that the brewery was once located in.  Now, however, it seems to be no more than offices and tourist information, although the cellars are still intact. 

Once everyone arrived we started down some steep stairs to a tiny room for a video.  Moments like these make me realize why I don’t like tours as the video was nothing more than a kitschy history channel-esque  short about the brewing process of champagne.  Heather and I were the only ones laughing out of the group.  (we were also the youngest)

After the video we were lead down some more stairs to the main caves.  The cellar is actually an old Roman chalk quarry that was converted into brewing cellars.  The walls were so soft I could easily leave finger marks just by pressing hard enough. 

Back upstairs we gathered around a table with dozens of glasses and awaited the next part of the tour.


We tried three different kinds: two whites, and a rosé.  Personally I liked the second white but since it was the third glass I suppose I would have liked anything at that point. 

Heather liked them as well. 

Afterwards we wandered, shivering and laughing, back to the center of town for food. 

I will say that anyone interested in visiting Reims should take the time for a champagne tour.  Well worth the few bucs and a great way to try some marvelous bubbles. 


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