Recent Updates

I think I’ll never cease to be amazed at how quickly things can change from day to day.  For example, My daily schedule now consists of deliveries all over Paris for the FUSAC magazine, where only last week my days were left largely open. 

Now I’ll get to learn the streets of Paris by heart (and occasionally by map….) and drive an old Toyota mini van 10 days a month.  A pretty exciting prospect in all honestly.  Not to mention the pay is significantly better than anything else I have been working to date. 

Lets see…  Yesterday, the first day of work, I got to visit three different embassies, more than a dozen bars, a hand full of coffee shops, some super markets, a church, some magazine shops, sandwich shops, and various other small vendors.  A few thousand copies later and we’ve hardly made a dent in this months issue. 

Not sure where I’ll be visiting today. 

Ok, time for work!


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