The Bike!

I bought a bike.  It was very dirty.  Very.  Dirty.  I also pulled several toupees and clumps of feathers out of the rear derailleur.  Why only in the derailleur?  I don’t know, but somehow someones hair was caught in there at some point while the bike was being used…  

I try to not question things too much. 

During my slight deconstruction I determined that the tires and inner tubes need to be replaced, and that the breaks are so hard that I could chip them if I liked. So they will need to be replaced. The wheels could stand to be trued, but are not so bad really. 

Also, the seat is hideous, and hard as a rock.  Not something I am going to want to ride on for any length of time.  Recommendations, anyone, on saddles? 

Aside from that, the bike is a “ Dangre”.  It’s French, I know that much.  I have not been able to find out too much about it or the brand.  If anyone out there can fill me in please don’t be shy. 

Anyways, here it is.  In all its hideous glory. 


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