Well That Didn’t Take Long

The majority of functions on the blog are up and running with a few minor details:  I know the text surrounding the comments inside posts is next to impossible to read (I’m working on this…) and the photos inside text posts don’t pair up with the width of the text (also looking for a fix). 

Aside from that, everything works, and I’ve even added some features that were lacking before: Contact Me (ask me anything!), some social media site links on the left hand side, updated copyright info.

Also new on the side bar is a “Donate” button.  Should the urge ever strike to help support my and Heather’s globe trotting, feel free to send a buc our way!  The smallest bit helps. 

If anyone notices problems with the theme/style feel free to drop me a line from the contact page. 

Hope you all enjoy the new layout!


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