The Cobbled Stones of Cornillon

I suppose the title sounds a bit more grandiose than it actually is.  But, don’t get me wrong, it was, in my opinion, the most beautiful scenery we saw the entire trip.  If I had no money woes nor obligations of any other sort I would move there in a heart beat and live out my days with delusions of Hobbits and Wizards.

Only probably not in a hole in a hill, but rather a castle over looking a valley full of vineyards.

Enter Cornillon.  To tell the truth I don’t know much about it, other than it was breath taking. 

This was also still Tuesday, shortly after leaving the water falls.  Still hungry and hot, we enjoyed this view for some time before heading off in search of other sights. 

That castle you see there is right o the edge of the hill.  And is still inhabited by someone(s).  As I watched the resident at home retreat back indoors with his cup of coffee I started to think of some colorful names to exclaim jealously to no one in particular.  Thankfully the urge passed, and the calm stillness of the hilltop remained undisturbed. 

The rest of the village was no less idyllic, though rather than an abundance of residential homes a great deal of the window fronts seemed to be art galleries and shops of various sorts.  We stopped in for a poke around a pottery studio as the front doors were left standing wide open.  The owner barely said two words while we perused the shelves of plates, bowls, and candle holders, and we left to much the same verbosity. 

With no new heading other than downwards, we let our selves wander.

About half way back to the car we came across yet another look out.  Though not quite so large as the top of the town, it was located in the hollowed out halls of an old abandoned building. 

I should rephrase, as the structure had only been retired from habitual occupations, and now fancied its self as an open aired theater. 

Having had enough heat and walking for the day we all headed back to the car, in search of sustenance and libations. 

Or was it a nap?


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