Day Two in the Land of Grapes and Castles

Our first night in Provence was filled with much feasting and laughing.  We sampled several different local wines and ate more than our fill of home made foods and dishes. 

So after much indulgence and French speaking (I surprised even my self on that front) we all headed off to bed.  Heather and I stayed in the cottage in the rear of the house next to the vegetable garden. (photo after jump)

The cottage was built as an office, but is usually only used for guests. 

After a breakfast of coffee, bread, and jam on the grape vine covered patio, we headed off on a walk into the village for a look around. 

Saint Michel d’Euzet is a large village of about 600 residents though I’d have believed 100 just as easily.  We walked past any number of vineyards and castle ruins on the way.

The above photo is where the town residents once-upon-a-time would wash their laundry, though now a days its left such tasks to more modern devices.  Next up we came to the local church and popped our heads in for a gander.

Wrist watches have come a long way in recent years, haven’t they?

After a lunch of leftovers and beer we spent the rest of the afternoon visiting several villages.  First up, La Roque sur Cèze.

Everywhere we go is surrounded by grape vines and farm land!  Truly amazing. 

Heading up the hill we enter the town.

It doesn’t take long before we start wishing we lived there, though that proved true for every place we visited on this trip.  Every thing was stone, mortar, and cobble studded streets.

The heat was really starting to wear us down.  Even the locals seemed to be fed up with the constant sunshine and were retreating to the shadows.

Having walked the entire town in 30 minuets we decided to head over towards the local waterfalls and soak our feet for a spell.  I tended to fall behind as I couldn’t keep my finger off the shutter button.

Once I finally caught up I promptly fell behind again as I attempted to fill up my camera.  The Cascades du Sautadet seemed to be a popular place on such a hot summer day.

These kids seemed hell bent on pushing their fun to the limit.  This poor soul managed to land in a belly flop that echoed so loud it brought a hush to the surrounding crowds.  No one was injured however, and they soon began leaping from new locations.

With that we left the natural water park and meandered back towards the car, hot and hungry.  Getting in or out of the village can only be accomplished by crossing a single bridge that is only just wide enough to accommodate a single file line of cars.  Needless to say, traffic was backed up for some time.

Having reached the haven of air conditioning we headed off towards another tiny village for some more sight seeing, but that’s for next time! 

Be back soon with more!


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