Avignon (continued)

Well we’re back!  After a week down in Provence, France we return slightly rounder, a bit more sun tanned, and ready for our next trip. 

But first:  Avignon.

We had to be up and at our Versailles train station in time for the first train of the day.  Thanks to little sleep and a lot of coffee we were both jittery and anxious, but in fine spirits. An hour later we found our selves at Gare de Lyon in Paris, waiting for our 7:15am TGV to Avignon.  As I’ve mentioned in the past these trains are my new favorite way to travel.  Over 150 mph, smooth rails, beautiful scenery, and you can bring your own beer!  All things that make for a A+ rating in my book. 

Once the sun finally rose, and we had woken from our nap, we moved down to the dining car and planted our seats on stools facing some of the most beautiful countryside I have ever seen.

Castle on a hill top?  No problem.  It’s not until later in the week I learn people still live in these things.  Upon hearing this I instantly feel I’m in the wrong line of business…

We arrive by 9am and meet with our friend and host over coffee and croissant in front of the Popes palace in the heart of Avignon.  I think he’s still asleep, ( I don’t think he’s a morning person ).

Afterwards we were given a tour of the surrounding city and some of its better views.  First up we have le Pont d’Avignon, cue silly music.

We continued to wander around the gardens near the Popes place until the rain that had been threatening all morning decided to make an appearance.  Leaving us little choice but to head indoors and take a gander at the palace rooms.  Conclusion? Not too shabby.

Though traffic was steadily picking up, and the amount of German and Chinese being spoken was rapidly out weighing the French, Heather still found some quiet corners to ponder the meaning of life in all its mysterious facets. 

On our trek upwards in the palace we were offered a view of our breakfast cafe.  The rain had let up enough now for me to take some photos.

Back inside and almost finished with the tour we walk through one of the smaller chapels present.  At one time the walls would have been covered in beautiful fresco paintings. 

Finished with the tour we head back outside and wander a bit more.  Beautiful architecture every where! 

And heather found a carrousel. 

And got a little dizzy after. 

Now that the weather was starting to clear up we made our way to le Pont d’Avignon, pausing every few minutes for family photo shoots…

Since my hands were always full with the camera I let Heather listen to the audio guide and fill me in on interesting tidbits.

Thanks to the wicked heat however, we felt it necessary to recoup in the shade for a while.  No joke, it was hot all week, pushing 100 for a few days. 

After the bridge we were shown the largest green wall in France.  I think I’ll keep this as a possibility for my brew pub…

Finally though the heat was starting to get to us and we decided to head back to the car.  The narrow streets were barren in places and oddly inviting.  At least from a photographic stand point!

Near the car we stopped and listened to The Goodtime Family.  Possibly the best busking I’ve heard all year.  They didn’t have CDs for sale, but if you look on their facebook web page you’ll find some free downloads. 

And with that we left Avignon, driving 30 minutes to a tiny village of about 600 people.  But, more on that tomorrow. 

Bonne Nuit!


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