La Grande Libations

Last night Heather and I took a trip to La Grande Epicerie de Paris for no other reason than to ogle with friends at fancy foods.  I had not intended to buy anything as most things there are quite pricey, but I knew I was doomed as soon as I ran into the exotic beer section.  Shortly after, Heather pulls me away and towards the registers and I spend the next hour fondling two strange beers on our way back to Versailles.  

First up is Blance de Namur, a wheat beer claiming to hold the title for best wheat beer in the world.  Such bold and blatant boasting deserves to be put to the test.

Ok… So it held the title in 2009.  Still, my curiosity was piqued.  Truth be told, it was by far the most flavorful wheat I have ever tasted, yet still maintaining a light refreshing finish that didn’t leave me feeling like I’d eaten a meal.  Should I see this again I’ll be buying some more.

Next up was purchased more for the beauty of the bottle than the anticipation of the beer. 

Vivat! A Belgian tripple.  Nice flavor, excellent head retention compared to the wheat beer, and an easy finish.  Again, not too thick on the flavor front, and so remains something I wouldn’t mind drinking multiple of.  

Clever bottling as well, matching the color to the beer.   The Vivat deserved to be in more worthy a vessel than our cheap mustard-in-a-cup cup, but I managed to break my mug last week.  

On other beer fronts, I may soon be purchasing some new equipment to continue my brewing adventures.  Only securing a place to brew is needed.  For those of you who have seen the inside of our apartment you’ll know that the kitchen will not work for brewing the wort.  

Anyone have suggestions on portable inside-safe ways for heating a stock pot for a few hours? 


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