Once Again

My camera has made its way back to the Canon shop for dust removal.  When we walked in yesterday and told them it still had dust after last weeks cleaning the desk attendant looked skeptical and told us she would talk to the technician. 

Taking the camera with her into the back, she left Heather and I standing there for a good 15 minutes without so much as a word. 

Finally, she returns, camera in hand, and says that normally they do not guarantee that type of service, but considering the amount of dust still on the sensor (5-10 noticeable spots) we will clean it again for free. 

Huzzah!  But once again I will be without a camera for at least a week. 

This started me thinking about how to avoid dust contaminating the sensor in the first place, which led me to thinking about new cameras.  Now-a-days, most DSLR cameras have a cleaning function built in that sends the sensor into hypersonic-epileptic seizures, which is supposed to shake any loose clinging particles of pestilence into submission.  Does this actually work?  Anyone out there ever use this before with any success?  If so let me know! 

In the mean time, I’ll be going back to photos with my iPod until I get another call from the shop…


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