Close but no Cigar

My camera is back, its clean, and working better than ever.  But, even the professionals at the Canon shop could not keep 100% of the dust off of the sensor.  Perhaps I’m splitting hairs here but If I pay someone to clean the sensor of dust I expect it to be dust free…

To be fair, the difference in before and after shots is HUGE!  Rather than shots looking like white noise on a TV, they now only have five or six spots that I can discern.  No, the spots are not visible in busy subject matter such as a crowded street, but anything with a solid color background, and at high aperture values, shows the spots quite clearly. 

What do you all think?  Anyone have experience with bringing your camera somewhere to be cleaned?  Whats the general rule when attempting to have the shop re-clean for free because of missed dust?


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