And It’s Back!

At last, my beloved camera is back, cleaned, and working better than ever.  Turns out the shutter button chip was defective, so they took the liberty to replace it, on my dime of course.  But, what a difference!  I feel like I’m using a new camera.  

So to celebrate the return of my photographic friend I took it along with me today on a trip through Paris.  

After hearing our friend Laura play an organ near Notre Dame the three of us walked over to Le Marais to have a drink.  On today’s menu was Irish coffee.

You can almost see a little bit of coffee between the cognac and Irish cream…

After a nice warm buzz settled over the three of us, Laura went on her way while Heather and I decided to explore for a bit to kill some time.  A few lefts and a right found us facing a Jewish bakery.  WITH BAGELS!  Real Bagels!  And these things were huge!  We didn’t even think to ask about cream cheese, as they would likely have thrown us out.  And, we knew they were the real deal by the tv behind the register, dedicated to a 24 hour feed of The Wailing Wall in Jerusalem.  

We will be going back soon.  


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