Let the Hunt Begin!

For some time now my camera has been suffering from a dusty sensor, a condition that makes taking photos quite frustrating when most shots turn out with large, dark, blurry spots in easily visible places. 

So what to do?  My sensor needs to be cleaned.  Not just the sensor, actually, the whole camera.  I have been using the same machine since 2007 and made damn sure its seen almost every kind of abuse I could throw its way.  So, to say it’s gritty would be putting it lightly. 

After some in-depth research I’ve determined that I could clean the thing my self, but, my apartment is really dusty even on clean days so attempting to clean the camera my self would be too risky given the conditions.  My only other option is to pay a shop to do it for me.  

Versailles does not have any such shops, I confirmed that today.  All that’s left, feasibly, is Paris. 

So let the hunt begin!

In the mean time, I’ll be exploring my iPod camera some more and sorting through older photos to see what I may have missed that I might post for your enjoyment.  I’ll also be on the look out for a newer upgrade this coming year.  Any photo enthusiasts are welcome to  put in their two-bits! 


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