All in a Day’s Work

As some of you know I work part time making kettle corn at markets in and around Paris on weekends.  

This past weekend however, I got to take a trip up north to Cambrai, France, for and American southern festival.

…Wait, a what?!

This festival was populated by thousands of French folk with a fetish for wide brim hats and spurs.  One severely confused individual happened to walk around for a day toting a confederate flag with the silhouette of Johnny Cash in the middle.  No pictures of that one, sorry.  

This couple, or mother and son (not really sure), were just one of the numerous visits we had on Saturday and Sunday.  They seemed a little scared at first when I asked for their picture, but warmed up after hearing my choppy French.  

The man you see there would be my boss, a 29 year old Texan pastry chef living and teaching in Paris.  He began the popcorn stand this past October and currently owns the only kettle of its kind this side of the Atlantic.  

By the time you all read this I’ll probably be off working another market somewhere south of Paris a little ways.  If anyone is interested in knowing when and where the stand will be set up next, feel free to check out Country Popcorn’s Facebook or Twitter Page.

That’s it for now as I’m off to bed.  I’ll be up before dawn in order to get out to tomorrow’s market on time.  

Until next time friends!


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